3-D Nail Art Judging Criteria 2018

Judge 1

Originality - 5 Points

·         the design is innovative (new and original)

·         the design is unique (different from other designs we have seen in the past               and from other entries)

·         the design exceeds expectation of originality

Visual Interest - 10 Points

·         the design captures your attention

·         the design holds your attention

·         the design continues to draw your attention to new details

Color - 10 Points

·         the colors enhance the design

·         the colors complement each other

·         the colors represent the theme

Presentation - 5 Points

·         this entry is presented within the 3-D rules

·         this entry is presented as if it is a special piece of art

·         care was taken to make this presentation neat and clean

·         written statement is included and is complete and understandable



Judge 2

Balance - 5 Points

·         various elements of the design are well-balanced, neither too sparse or too               busy

·         the sum of the design is in harmony with the parts of the whole design

Design and Detail - 10 Points

·         the design enhances the theme

·         the design is well thought out

·         the detail of design is clean and precise

·         the design has adequate detail

Dimension - 10 Points

·         the dimension is obvious and within the guidelines 3-D rules

·         the dimension enhances the theme and is balanced

·         the dimension may not protrude more than 1" in height from the tip surface

Overall Impression - 10 Points

·         this design makes an excellent overall impression

·         this design is complete and needs no improvement

·         this entry is within all rules and guidelines

Judge 3

Complexity - 10 Points

·         the design is challenging, demanding skill and effort

·         the design involves multiple techniques

·         the complexity relates to the theme

Workmanship - 10 Points

·         the overall quality of the work demonstrates outstanding artistic skills

·         the workmanship is neat, clean and precise

·         the theme is well represented

Tip Length - 5 Points

·         the tips are graduated in length and size

·         the length of tips must be no linger than 2"

·         the width may be no wider than 3/4" if they were flattened out

Theme - 10 Points

·         the theme is obvious and completely developed

·         the theme is continued on all 10 nails

·         the design enhances the theme

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Scoring Guide 2 Hands

Scoring Guide 1 Hand
10 = Flawless 5 = Average 5 = Flawless
9 = Almost  Flawless 4 = Below Average 4 = Very Good
8 = Very Good 3 = Poor 3 = Average
= Good 2 = Very Poor 2 = Below Average
6 = Above Average 1 = Unacceptable 1 = Very Poor