Strong is the New Pretty

Dear Amanda,

The news came last Friday and it took me until today to face it. I needed my peaceful place—listening to the seals bark, feeling the soft rock of my boat on the water and breathing in the ocean air—to make me actually settle down enough to write to you. I’ve been avoiding this, but if I don’t face that you’re gone, I’m afraid I’ll just pretend that you’re still living, happily working at Lifetime in Las Vegas.

Competition Helpful Hints!

Words to compete by.

1.     Model, Model, Model!  A great model is half of your battle.

2.     Practice - You must practice as if you are in the competition arena.  NO DISRUPTIONS of any sort should be allowed while practicing for competition!

3.     As soon as you feel you are ready to compete; PRACTICE AGAIN!


I met Vicki Peters the way most of us did, at a trade show. It was the first time she judged my work and after the awards ceremony I asked her for a critique. I was so upset because I worked really hard to make sure there were no air bubbles in my pink and white sculptures and the nails that won had so many. She patiently explained that the winning nails were so good in the other categories that the deductions the competitor received for air bubbles didn’t matter. After the show Vicki became one of my favorite mentors, if not the No.

Seize the Moment!!

The NAILPRO Cup is officially up for grabs! Is it something you’ve set your sights upon this 

year? If so, now is the time to set your competition goals and mark your calendar for the 


start of the 2014 competition year at NAILPRO Sacramento on Sept. 21, 2013.

Gaming the Rules or Innovative Thinking?




NAILPRO Competitions for the Worlds Fastest Full Set of Acrylic Sculptured Nails were held April 21, 2013 at NAILPRO Pasadena. There was some confusion with the outcome, as there always is when someone wins using out-of-the-box thinking. Some would call it gaming the rules and some would call it down right cheating.

Education, Smeducation


The Fastest Sculptured Acrylic Nails Press Release

SUBJ:                   NAILPRO Competitions To Host Guinness Book Of World

                 RecordsCertified "Fastest Full Set of Acrylic Sculptured Nails"


Fantasy Nail Art! What About the Costume?


Fantasy Nail Art is one of our most popular and loved competitions. The competitor, the judge and the spectator thoroughly enjoy it and it’s truly a feast for the eyes if you are a nail aficionado. There’s no way anyone can see this type of artistry and not appreciate the hard work and planning that goes into this competition. Each nail--when done correctly--is a 


masterpiece in and of itself and though the work that goes into the nails is a big part, remember that the costume, hair and makeup are just as important.

Rapidly Approaching: ISSE Long Beach!


The 2012 holiday celebrations have come to an end and if you are an avid competitor it signals the count down to ISSE Long Beach. This next big competition is closing in fast. All 

Who Needs a Mentor?


Who Needs a Mentor?


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