Design Sculptured Nails Rules 2011

1. Competitors will have 2 ½ hours (unless otherwise noted-- refer to schedule for each competition) to complete a set of competition-style nail enhancements using forms and colored acrylic products in original and artistic ways. Tips and adhesive are NOT allowed.


**2. Competitors may only use acrylic liquid-and-powder products.  Pre-existing color or color additives are allowed.


3. No paint or nail polish of any sort may be used at all. Hand painting is not allowed.


4. Glitter powder may be used but must not be included in more than 10% of the design.


5. Embellishments of any type are NOT to be used.


6. The theme for each Design Sculptured Nails competition will be announced before the beginning of the competition year. The theme must be followed on all 10 nails.


NAILPRO ISSE Long Beach – Pink and Green 

NAILPRO at IBS Las Vegas – Planets Theme


7. The model’s natural nails may be prepared for product application before the competition starts, but product may NOT be applied until the competition starts.


8. No consideration will be given for any pre-existing damage to a model’s natural nails, cuticles, or hands.


9. Competitors may lay out forms before the competition, but may NOT apply forms until the competition starts.


**10.  The surface of the nail enhancements must be flush—NO raised surfaces. “C” curvesrange between 40% and 50%. Length must be a 1 to 1 ratio. The thinness of a salon style nail, approximately .03 to .05 inches, is ideal.  Credit card thickness for example.


11. Competitors may NOT use any copyrighted art, designs or logos.


12. All files and buffers must be clean and unused; buffers and buffing products may be used.


13. NO molds or tools may be used to assist with design, i.e., impression tools. Electric files may NOT be used in any capacity to assist with design.


14. Water only may be used to remove dust. No canned air is allowed. Cleansing products (soaps, etc.) and moisturizing products (oils, creams, lotions, etc.) are NOT allowed.


15. The nail enhancements on both hands must be finished to a high shine by buffing, applying top coat or using a UV gel sealant. No other polish, including glitter polish, is allowed.


**16. Design Sculptured Nails will be judged in the following categories: lateral structure and “C” curves,cuticle  area, design and theme,  surface structure, product control and finish work, complexity, length and shape, color and balance, originality and overall impression.


17. Judges will view your work from the floor, but not judge the competition in progress.


18. Any Design Sculptured Nail design that wins, or has already won, first place at a NAILPRO competition cannot be reused by the winner or copied by other competitors in subsequent NAILPRO competitions. The NAILPRO competition staff reserves the right to disqualify any design it considers too similar to a winning design. Any discussion with the NAILPRO competition staff about designs will be held in strict confidence.