Fantasy Nail Art Rules 2018

1. Competitors may submit more than one entry, but must pay a registration fee for each entry. If submitting more than one entry, only the points from the highest scoring entry count towards the NP Cup both individual and team.

2. All work, including model preparation, must be completed prior to the competition. No work station, seating or electrical outlet will be provided.

3.  All nail work must be done and completed by the registered competitor this includes hair and makeup.

4. All nail art must be made from professional nail products (colored liquid-and-powder acrylic, light-cured gel, wraps and resin, polish, rhinestones, etc.).

5. Embellishments may be used, but must NOT exceed 25% of the overall design.

**5a. All work for each entry must be completed by the competitor registered for that competition, with the exception of a purchased costume.  This must be disclosed at time of competition to the judges.  If NAILPRO finds this rule has been violated, the competitor will be prohibited from competing in any NAILPRO or NAILPRO-run competition for the period of one year.

6. The model must be in costume and prepared for judging at the scheduled report time. There will be NO briefing for this competition.

7. Models will stand during the judging process and must be able to walk in costume without assistance.

8. The theme for each Fantasy Nail Art competition will be announced before the beginning of the competition year. The theme must be followed on all ten nails.

NAILPRO at ISSE Long Beach Show – Wild Women Theme

NAILPRO at Premiere Beauty Show – Bollywood Theme

            NAILPRO at IBS Las Vegas – Burlesque Theme


9. Competitors may NOT use any copyrighted art, designs or logos.  Penalties for using copyrighted logos will be given at judge's discretion.


10. Nails must be incorporated into the design. They may NOT serve only as base. There will be a 10-point deduction if nails are not incorporated into design.   Each individual nail must be attached to each individual nail bed of the model’s hand. It must not be separate from the model’s nail or attached to the fingers or hand in some way as to “appear” as though it is attached.  Each piece of art can be interlaced with the other nail art but must be a distinctly separate attached nail. Size of art pieces will not be a consideration in judging however complexity will.  


10A. Size of art pieces will not be a consideration in judging however complexity will.  

**11. Props may be included as part of the costume, but must be smaller than the model.

12. Competitors must prepare and submit a written statement in two parts. One detailing the products and processes used to create the art, and one telling the story of your interpretation of the theme. Failure to provide this information will result in a 5-point deduction in overall score.   Do NOT name specific brands or manufacturers, and DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR NAME.

**13.  Total look will be judged on presentation as well as costume.

14. Fantasy Nail Art will be judged in the following categories: originality, color, costume, design, visual interest, balance, overall impression, presentation, complexity, workmanship, details and theme.

15. Any Fantasy Nail Art design that wins, or has already won, first place at a NAILPRO competition cannot be reused by the winner or copied by other competitors in subsequent NAILPRO competitions. The NAILPRO competition staff will disqualify any design it considers too similar to a winning design. Any discussion with the NAILPRO competition staff about designs will be held in strict confidence.

Property of Nailpro Competition ©2018 Creative Age Publications. All rules including judging criteria are NOT ALLOWED TO BE USED UNLESS WRITTEN APPROVAL IS GIVEN FROM NAILPRO COMPETITION DIRECTOR ONLY!  All Nailpro Competition rules are copy written and all rights reserved.